Welcome to our new GEMBA class!

On 23 September 2019, the senior executives that were to become the new CBS Global Executive MBA class gathered on campus for the first time. Over the coming 20 months, these executives will form bonds to last a lifetime, spanning functions and borders. The Global EBMA class set to graduate in 2021 boasts exceptionally high percentage international participants: 75% of the class fly in to Copenhagen for the campus-based sessions.

“As usual, we aim to compose a class consisting of vastly different profiles to enhance the learning experience for everyone,” said Thuli Skosana, Admissions Manager for the CBS Executive MBA. “It is also very exciting to see that this class reflects so many different nationalities and backgrounds. We have been travelling extensively over the past years to spread the word about our Executive MBA to talented executives all over the world and we are pleased that our efforts are paying off.”

A fourth of the participants are women, average age is 39 years and participants join with around eight years of managerial experience.

“After 10 years of working, it is a good time to take a step back from the daily workload and look at things from the outside. Only by challenging our own ways can we advance,” said Alessandro Gropelli, Director of Strategy and Communications with ETNO. “I anticipate to form a great group of friends with whom I can start a (global!) journey as well as looking at our professions and at their impact on society.”

Fellow EMBA participant Daniella Sussman, Founder and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Citizen Global, added:

“I looked at various schools and CBS offered a fantastic opportunity to study for an EMBA that emphasises sustainability within a global context. Over the coming 20 months, I expect to gain the necessary knowledge and approaches as I focus more on public-private partnerships and the role of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Once the kick-off is over and practicalities needed for the onward journey have been dispersed, the Global Executive MBA participants will start furthering their general management skills, polishing them until they shine. A welcome by-product of gaining new skills is the urge to put them into practice; a task the CBS EMBA participants will become well versed in over the course of the programme. Immediately utilising skills and applying them onto their affiliated organisations is something that widely implemented in the programme.

We wish the participants all the best for their exciting journey and look forward to following the Global EMBA class’ endeavors over the coming 20 months!