Congratulations to our EMBA 2018 graduates

On Saturday, 9 June 2018, the Executive MBA graduates donned their hats and gowns to receive their long-awaited and well-deserved diplomas. It was a proud and emotional moment for graduates and families alike as the two EMBA classes walked in procession onto the stage in Ovnhallen at Copenhagen Business School to take their seats.

Dean of education, Gregor Halff delivered the key note speech highlighting the importance of communication skills in senior leaders “I hope there are two things you’ve learned during your MBA. One is listening skills and the other is the realisation that we cannot determine what people think but we can have a bit of influence on what they think about”. Gregor went on to congratulate the MBAs with their new prestigious degree “We are stuck with each other now”, he said jokingly “and I look forward to seeing you back at CBS again for alumni events”.

True to tradition, teaching awards for outstanding teaching methods and engagement in the classes were granted by the students. Awards went to Professor of Corporate Finance, Ken Bechmann (GEMBA) and Leadership Professor Magnus Larsson (EMBA). “You represent hope for our society, in the face of severe challenges and thrilling oppurtunities. […] We need leaders in our organizations, with skills and knowledge, and with a capacity to see the larger system, to mobilize others. And most of all: with integrity, courage, humanity and open hearts” said Magnus Larsson, who had taught the EMBA Leadership Class for the first time. “

CBS Professor and EMBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid took on the joyous task of handing over the proof-of-degrees. “You belong to a select group of people that are willing to go that extra mile. To make an extra effort. That will be noticed and rewarded” he said, addressing the two graduating classes.

Charlotte Fly-Andersen, Executive Vice President for Rosendahl Design Group and Chairman of the CBS Alumni Society, took the opportunity to welcome the graduates into the MBA afterworld:
“The ability to look at a company through holistic MBA glasses is a valuable skillset that all of you will possess for life, in addition to a lifelong network of fellow graduates; the biggest MBA network in Scandinavia.”

She also presented the winners of the Student-of-the-Class awards. This accolade went to one student from each class; Morten Knudsen (GEMBA class) and Margrethe Wivel (EMBA class). They had both been elected by their respected classmates for their extraordinary contributions in creating a positive learning environment.

In his thank-you speech, Morten Knudsen honored his fellow students and their commitment to making it a remarkable and worthwhile journey. “What surprised me most about this class was not the MBA and what we learned from our professors but really what we learned from each other” he said as he congratulated his fellow students on their MBA.

“I think we made it because we took care of each other, helped each other and supported each other” said Margrethe Wivel as she addressed her fellow EMBA classmates and thanked them for a rewarding journey.

As the grand finale, the graduates were asked to move their tassels on their hats from the right to the left, signaling that they were now in possession of the universally respected three-letter affiliation that is the MBA degree. After the traditional group photos and throwing-of-the-hats, they re-joined their friends and families for a celebratory reception.