Welcome to our new EMBA class 2018 - 2020!

On Thursday 22 February 2018, 22 talented executives representing 21 different organisations met for the first time to embark on their CBS E-MBA adventure. Holding 348 years of work experience and almost 200 years of managerial experience between them, the E-MBA room was literally brimming with different perspectives and experiences. A fourth of the participants are women and almost half of the group – or 41% - stem from outside of Denmark, adding an international angle to future classroom discussions.

“I already feel challenged and motivated at the same time, which makes for a very promising start,” said Irma Juskenaite, International Communications Associate from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.“ I am here to develop skills and gain new tools, especially related to public-private partnerships, broaden my network and discover new possibilities for collaboration.”

She represents Lithuania in the nationality chart; a pioneering nationality to join the CBS E-MBA community. Answering the question of why she chose to pursue her E-MBA at CBS, she continued:

“Who doesn’t know that CBS is one of the best universities in the world? I am not just referring to the rankings, highest international teaching standards, strong links to the business community and best practices. CBS professors and students possess this confidence and positivity in everything they do, so I thought this would be the perfect place for my personal and professional development.”

This E-MBA class also contains several talented executives that have made their mark in the digital arena.

“We always strive to create a classroom that contains diverse profiles and that mirrors the real organisational environment, “says Lone Ryevad Boysen, Admissions Manager for the CBS Executive MBA. “Today’s digitalised world means that I frequently encounter profiles that have enjoyed great digital success and a high level of responsibility in relatively few working years. We are pleased to be able to develop the class profile to also reflect the increased level of entrepreneurial and data/digitally driven backgrounds in the E-MBA classroom and look forward to seeing how their contribution will shape the discourse!” 

Irma and her fellow classmates spent the first few days getting acquainted, gearing up for the learning journey ahead and rubbing shoulders with faculty and CBS staff. Over the coming 26 months, they will learn to adapt a 360 view of their organisations, using it to solve challenges and improve current practices.

“My first impression is…wow!”, Irma concludes. “We have the best professors, talented and experienced classmates, and very useful and practically-oriented courses. I love that CBS creates this inspirational and fun learning environment.”