Welcome to the new GEMBA class 2017 - 2019!

On Monday 25 September, 2017, CBS welcomed a new Global Executive class 2017-19 who kick-started an exciting learning journey that will keep them busy for the next 20 months.

"There is a great vibe in this class and they are off to a good start, getting to know each other during an intensive first week at CBS” says Program Manager Hanne Gert Munk.

17 highly experienced participants are joining the program with a total of 295 years of work experience and 202 years of managerial experience! On average they have 17,3 years work experience with 11,8 years of managerial experience.

17 different organisations are represented in the class spread on a wide range of industries. "A unique element an MBA program is the sharing across industries, organisations and roles that happen throughout the 20 months participants spend together. They truly gain perspective from each other's organisations and experience" says MBA Director, Poul Hedegaard.

A warm welcome to the new class and our newest members of the MBA Alumni Society. Good luck on the journey ahead, we look forward to seeing you at alumni events in the near future.