Introducing the new Executive MBA class 2019-2021

On Thursday 28 February 2019, 29 talented executives representing 28 different organizations met for the first time to begin their CBS EMBA adventure.

One of the highly international profiles, Mounir Bouazar, who works as Head of Transport for the Unicef Supply Division had a great start to his learning journey: “I can only say that I am very excited to be part of the 2019 EMBA cohort. It is a fantastic and fun group, full of diversity in terms of industries, experience and cultures, and another rich network which will definitely make the CBS alumni group richer.  I am particularly looking forward to broadening and expanding my knowledge of other business areas, as well as bringing my higher education to the top level”

Along with Mounir, the first Moroccan national to join the EMBA program, more than a third of the participants are international profiles from countries such as the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Finland, China, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Portugal. Nearly one third of the participants are women and together all of the participants bring an average of 14.5 years work experience and 8.1 years of managerial experience.

Christian Skovhus, Head of Sales at furniture company Softline, also expressed his excitement over starting the EMBA, “as the top-ranking EMBA in Scandinavia, CBS was the obvious choice, not only for filling my academic toolbox, but also for attracting the strongest fellow participants. The introduction seminar has only confirmed this – strong academic content combined with a class eager to learn and share. I look very much forward to the journey ahead.”

Mounir, Christian and their fellow classmates spent the first day getting acquainted with each other and then dove straight into the number crunching in their Financial Statement Analysis course. Over the coming 26 months, they will learn to adopt a 360 view of their organisations, using it to solve challenges and improve current practices.