During the MBA application process many applicants turn to advice from current students or alumni. Where possible we try to connect applicants with similar profiles and/or nationalities using our extensive MBA alumni network. We are very grateful for the help and engagement from alumni in this process.


The MBA Ambassador Corps

A select group of Full-time MBA alumni make up the MBA Ambassador Corps. These alumni are particularly helpful in replying to email enquiries, meeting with applicants and talking to them over the phone providing insights on their own MBA journey. Ambassadors are hand-picked by the Admissions team to reflect the applicant profiles. Should you wish to become an MBA Ambassador in your country, please let us know. We are always looking for local international alumni to assist in our recruitment process. Please contact MBA Alumni Relations Manager, Maria Valentin Palgaard


MBA Fairs

We are very fortunate to have help from our alumni when we travel around the world to recruit new students for the Full-time MBA or EMBA Programs. We also rely heavily on word-of-mouth so we will often reach out to international alumni to connect them to applicants from the same country. The insights an alum can provide to an applicant is unique and we pride ourselves on having engaging and helpful alumni across the globe.


How to help out at a fair in your city

Please visit the Full-time MBA website to see the next time we are visiting your city during recruitment season. If you are available to help at a fair, we would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact Alumni Relations Manager, Maria Valentin Palgaard at