A great number of our alumni share their expertise knowledge within a certain industry or field by returning to CBS as guest lecturers, speakers or advisors at the MBA programs. Some even take on teaching roles at other master or diploma programs at CBS.

Guest lecturing at the MBA programs (EMBA and FTMBA) is organized directly with the Professors of a given course. Guest lecturers are specialists in their particular field and can provide a practical perspective on a given topic or course. The students highly value this engagement and unique insight – as well as the opportunity to connect with an alum.


How to Become a Guest Lecturer

If you wish to use your knowledge for impact and provide valuable insight into a particular industry, topic or challenge, you can either reach out to a Professor directly or contact our Program Managers so they can connect you to the right Professor:

Throughout CBS, practitioners are engaged in teaching at the various day-time programs and Graduate Diplomas (also known as HD). In order to teach at the MBA Program, you must hold a PhD degree. However, at CBS in general, the pre-requisite is a Master’s Degree.

How to become a teacher at CBS

Teaching positions at CBS are announced at the CBS website by the specific departments responsible for the course or degree

Many of our alumni act as sparring partners for our MBA students in regards to career issues, job search strategies, understanding industries and roles, understanding the Danish job market and much more. This can happen through our MBA Career Mentor Program, our Professional Breakfast series or in other informal ways. If you would like to work with our students in relation to careers, please reach out to our Careers Manager, Malene Sejer Larsen on msl.mba@cbs.dk

Our Alumni Breakfast Series is part of the Careers Program for the Full-time MBA students. We invite Full-time MBA alumni to talk about specific topics related to working in Denmark such as their job search, their current role, their current company and industry, their personal journey and any challenges or tips they would like to pass on. If you would like to speak to the Full-time MBA students at a breakfast event, please reach out to our Careers Manager, Malene Sejer Larsen on msl.mba@cbs.dk.