One of the significant modules of the Full-time MBA is the Advisory Board Program.


The Advisory Board module, or A-Board for short, pairs teams of students with start-up companies to act as advisors on real business issues. A company founder and/or senior leader will represent each company. Through a series of meetings, issues are identified and solutions proposed. Students are challenged to provide advice founded in data, theory and real world applicability to enable the company to move forward in the growth phase.


The process

The company is allocated an MBA group of 4 students that they meet with 3 times between October and May. Companies commit to providing relevant data to the group and to participate in all 3 meetings. Where relevant, the company can invite the group to their premises in between the set meetings. At the end of the process, the company is presented with a report from the group.


How to become an A-Board company

If you own or work for a small company or a startup that could benefit from engaging with the Full-time MBA students, please contact Associate Professor Eythor Jonsson, who is in charge of the A-Board Program or the Full-time MBA Program Manager, Gitte Kramhøft