We are very proud of our alumni for staying involved with the MBA programs and CBS in many different ways. The engagement is impressive whether as mentors, advisors, recruitment assistants, guest lecturers, project hosts or any other role, and we greatly appreciate this committment.

To our alumni, these opportunities to become involved make them feel connected to the school and part of the continued development of the MBA programs. The ability to give back their time, knowledge and experience is very rewarding.

Alumni take on many different roles and the list continues to grow every year:


  • Career Mentor Program for Full-time MBA students
  • Leadership Mentor for Full-time MBA students

 The Class Room

  • Teachers
  • Censors
  • Guest Speakers (specialist topics)
  • MBA Accelerator business angels (FTMBA program)
  • Participating in the A-Board Program with company
  • Leadership Program guest speakers and coaches

Strategy Projects

  • Strategy Project Advisors
  • Strategy Project introduction

Career-related workshops and assistance

  • Company visit hosts for Full-time MBA students
  • Career development workshops for Full-time MBA students
  • Career advice outside school

School support

  • Helping at information meetings for EMBA Programs
  • Helping  at information meetings for FTMBA Program
  • Applicant referrals (helping with admissions)
  • Participating in MBA Fairs
  • Company visits during EMBA study tours
  • Marketing activities such as career profiles, testemonials, interviews etc.
  • Promotional material
  • Speaking at Full-time MBA Introduction week
  • EMBA Introduction week

Alumni Activities

  • Alumni Board members

MBA Advisory board

  • Members