The CBS MBA Alumni network has unique access to the latest trends in research through our faculty at CBS and abroad; we have inspiring alumni that work in challenging roles throughout the Danish and international business community; and we are connected to a large network of senior executives that are willing to share their opinions with us. Through this mix of faculty, alumni and external speakers, we are able to offer a range of business events throughout the year on current topics.


For our Faculty Updates, we invite CBS or external faculty to talk about new trends within business based on latest research, books and articles. This could be new models and frameworks for business development, global economy perspectives, company analyses, new developments in business fields, impact on society etc.

Exclusive events with alumni where we go behind the scenes and hear more about their role, their company or a specific challenge or project they have dealt with.

With our vast network we are able to bring in insightful senior executives to present their views, challenges they have overcome, new ways of innovating, turn-around cases, change-cases or simply their own role or company.

Being one of Europe’s largest business universities means there are many events and activities going on at all times. When these are relevant to our MBA Alumni, we advertise them on the website and in the LinkedIn group. You can also check out the Life-long Learning section for more information on the resources available to you across CBS.

Our partner, CBS Executive, is a private foundation offering executive development through customized and open courses. They also generously extend invitations to business events that are relevant to our alumni. These invitations are advertised on our website and in the LinkedIn group. To read more about CBS Executive, their educational programs and their events, click here