Online Event with CBS Professor Jesper Rangvid

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What’s next for the world economy and global financial markets? Will we see a strong rebound in 2021?

After a roller coaster year containing a global pandemic, a serious dip in economic activity and an American election, where is the world economy and the global financial markets heading? In this webinar, Professor and CBS EMBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid will share predictions for the near future.

In this talk, Jesper Rangvid will explore:

  • How deep was the 2020 recession actually?
  • How did financial markets react?
  • Will we get a strong rebound during 2021? Or is it likely to arrive in 2022?
  • What about all the debt existing in the world? Who is going to pay?
  • What are likely scenarios for financial markets for the next couple of years?

About the speaker

Jesper Rangvid is a Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School. The unifying theme in Jesper’s research is the relation between financial markets and the wider economy. Jesper has received the silver medal from the University of Copenhagen, as well as several other rewards for his research and dissemination of his research.

Jesper has leadership experiences from CBS and part-time roles in both the public and the private sector. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Doctors’ Pension Fund, the Doctors’ Pension Bank, and SKAGEN AS. Jesper is Associate Dean and responsible for the CBS Executive MBA. In addition, he co-directs the Pension Research Center at CBS (PeRCent).


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