Meet the CEO: Kristian Kornerup Jensen, Stryhns A/S

How do you build a turn-around strategy – and how do you get the organization on board? These are the two major themes that the CEO of Stryhns A/S, Kristian Kornerup Jensen, will discuss when he takes us through Stryhns growth journey and how he has managed to turn around a Danish household brand to be an even more profitable business.

Like many other sectors, retail is under pressure and highly competitive leaving suppliers to be innovative and finding their competitive advantage if they want to take market share. Kristian will share how he has focused on Stryhns’ core business and strengthened the company through acquiring new brands to strengthen the portfolio and through developing products to stay on trend in delivering sustainable, convenient and organic products of the future. As a result, Stryhns today is market leader in all their core product categories and has increased their turn-over over the past five years with 80%.

Stryhns’ growth journey has also been a journey of cultural changes within the organization. Kristian will talk about how the employees have been involved in working with innovation and product development and how the organization has succeeded in integrating new brands, processes and employees in connection with their brand acquisitions. What kind of leadership is required when you take an organization on a new strategic journey, and how to you develop your leaders and the organization to embrace changes? These are questions Kristian will discuss in his talk.

About Stryhns A/S

Stryhns is a Danish consumer goods company that through acquisitions has grown to be a multi-brand company with familiar household brands such as Stryhn’s Leverpostej, Graasten Salater, K-Salat, Jensens Køkken og Langelænder. Stryhns employs 400 people across five locations in Denmark and is part of the family-owned Norwegian company Agra. See also 

About the speaker

Kristian Kornerup Jensen holds a Bachelor Degree from Copenhagen Business Schoo and has held positions in various companies within the FMCG industry, such as Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, House of Prince and British American Tobacco. In 2011, he changed his international career for a position as CEO of Stryhns A/S back in Denmark.


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