General Assembly 2019


  1. Election of Chairman for the General Assembly
  2. Annual Report from the CBS MBA Alumni Society Chairman
  3. Adoption of the Accounts for 2018 and Budget for 2019
  4. Discussion of Proposals submitted to the Board
  5. Election of Board Members

    Up for Election (4 seats)

    • Per Dahl (would like re-election)
    • Franziska Nacht (would like re-election)
    • Isaac van der Mark (would like re-election)
    • Claudia Mathiasen (would like re-election)

                    Not up for Election

    • Charlotte Fly Andersen
    • Nynne Rankløve Bernstorff
  1. Election of Auditors
    • Jacob Therkelsen (would like re-election)
    • Jens Søndergaard (would like re-election)
  2. Election of Auditor Substitute
    • Christian Emborg (would like re-election)
  3. Miscellaneous


If you would like to run for election or have suggestions for new board members and/or auditors please e-mail Michala Røder,, no later than 22 February 2019.


Please note Full-time MBAs, Executive MBAs & and current MBA students are welcome to attend. However, MBA students are not allowed to vote.

Further information

If you want to read more about the CBS MBA Alumni Society Board and the role as board member, please click here.

To attend the MBA Alumni Society General Assembly, please sign-up by 15 March 2019 before 10:00.

Drinks and snacks will be served.


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