Executive compensation by Professor Ken Bechmann

About the event

Executive compensation continues to receive a lot of attention for many different reasons. First, it is considered to play a significant role for companies’ ability to attract, retain, and motivate executives. Second, the level of executive compensation seems to increase at higher rates than other salaries year after year. Third, it has been argued that the use of incentive-based compensation (bonuses and stock options) has been a main cause for corporate scandals and for bank failures during the financial crisis.

This talk by CBS Professor Ken Bechmann will focus on various aspects of executive compensation in Denmark. More precisely, Ken will discuss:

  • How high is the compensation in Denmark compared to other countries?
  • What are the components of incentive-based compensation and how is it used in Denmark?
  • Was the use of wrongly designed incentive based compensation in banks a main cause of the financial crisis?
  • How do board members and executives themselves view executive compensation?

About the speaker

Ken L. Bechmann is a Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School. Ken’s main research areas are corporate finance and corporate governance, and executive compensation has been the main topic with more than 30 publications in national and international journals. Ken has been used extensively as an expert on executive compensation by, for example, various ministries, the media, different companies, and by the Committee on Corporate Governance.

Ken has received several awards both for his research and for his teaching – including the Teacher of the Year Award in Corporate Finance at the CBS Global EMBA program. Ken is also the executive editor for the Danish finance journal, Finans/Invest.



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Talk by Professor Ken Bachmann
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