Copenhagen MBA class of 2020 graduates: “Being an MBA with a solid sustainability mindset is more important than ever”

On 15 August 2020, 36 new MBAs donned the cap and gown and took to the stage to receive their well-deserved MBA diplomas. This year’s graduation fell in the midst of the Corona pandemic and CBS staff had gone to great length to ensure the event was held in line with authorities’ guidelines

CopenhagenMBA class of 2020 graduation

“Graduation means a lot to students and their families, and we’re pleased that we were able to mark this significant milestone on campus,” said Gitte Kramhøft Jacobsen, Head of Programme Management at CBS MBA. “The event was streamed so friends and family could watch across the globe. We had capped the number of physical attendees in the audience and MBA students and faculty kept a safe distance throughout the ceremony.”

Professor of Business and Society and Copenhagen MBA Associate Dean Andreas Rasche was the first speaker to address the graduates.

“The fact that your MBA emphasized the power of collaboration and sustainability can give you an edge in your future careers,” he said. “Being an MBA with a solid sustainability mindset is more important than ever. We hope that the CBS MBA has equipped you with the tools to shape future economic activities in more sustainable ways.”

In usual fashion, awards were handed out to mark extraordinary achievements in the year gone by. This year’s class – like the previous two classes – had picked Associate Professor Jeppe Christoffersen who teaches Financial Statement Analysis for the award ‘Teacher of the Year’.

“Jeppe Christoffersen made sure that we actively participated in his class, provided plenty of relevant examples, encouraged teamwork, forced us to work on exercises for our own good and provided swift feedback. He is also passionate about the topic he teaches,” read one student motivation.

The award for ‘Student of the Year’ went to Adithya Sailesh. It was handed over by the Chairman of the Alumni Society, Charlotte Fly Andersen.

“For me, the MBA was the meeting place of diverse minds,” said Adithya Sailesh in his speech. “You have given me new perspectives, pushing me to think beyond what I already know. You have given me an indication of what I can be, and for that I am grateful.”

The ceremony culminated with all MBA graduates being called up one-by-one to receive their proof-of-degree.

“I hereby declare you MBAs,” said CBS MBA Director Poul Hedegaard as the newly minted graduated moved their tassels from right to left and left the stage in solemn procession, ready to assume their new responsibilities.