Congratulations to our Full-time MBA 2019 class!

The Copenhagen Full-time MBA class of 2019 reached the finish line and can now add the coveted three-letter abbreviation ‘MBA’ to their names.

The end of the Copenhagen MBA year becomes visible just as Copenhagen itself explodes into a spectacular burst of greenery. Throughout the summer months that follow, budding MBAs bend their heads to deliver on one final, culminating project: The Integrated Strategy Project, described here on the MBA blog. Trying to imagine life on the other side of MBA life as graduation looms closer may be a challenge for the still-busy students, but on 17 August 2019, that hazy vision became a reality for the Copenhagen MBA class of 2019.

Addressing his fellow MBAs on graduation day, elected Student of the Year Deepankar Sehgal captured the learnings of the roller coaster year gone by:

“This has been a year where we all grew tremendously on the academic front. The professors, instructors and supervisors created an environment of inclusive learning, an environment where heated debates were welcomed and challenges to normal way of thinking explored.”

He wrapped up his speech encouraging his fellow graduates to re-enter the workforce with a smile knowing that they managed to reach the finish line.

“I wish for all of us to go out and be bold, be courageous and take on everything the world throws at us, knowing at the back of our heads that we did it!”

Out of the 22 teachers that imparted their wisdom on the MBA students, one stood out as having gone the extra mile, bringing – in addition to subject dedication – patience, humour and outstanding energy to his classes. The Teacher of the Year award, presented by Dean of Education Gregor Halff, went to Jeppe Christoffersen that taught Financial Statement Analysis.

“As you re-enter the job market, I hope you will focus on your intrinsic motivation and find out what your values are and what you get satisfaction out of,” said Jeppe Christoffersen to the students in his thank-you speech.

The Copenhagen MBA Associate Dean, Andreas Rasche, who also doubles as Professor of Business in Society at CBS, called upon the graduates to “ask questions and be curious, to distinguish facts from opinions and to find out what you really believed in.”

As the ceremony drew to a close, 32 proud students moved their tassels from right to left, signifying their passage into the MBA afterlife. We look forward to following them on the journey and reconnecting at CBS MBA Alumni Society events!