Whether you are in transition between jobs or want to develop within your current company, managing your career should be a priority and something you actively spend time on. In this section, we are giving you some tips and exercises to manage your career.

Managing your Career

  • Think ahead about your development opportunities
  • Ensure you obtain the right experience for the next stage of your career
  • Periodically take time to take a step back and think about your progress
  • Understand yourself fully and how your skills, strengths, values, and what drives you, can help influence the next step in your career
  • Set and communicate clear career goals so that those people around you particularly in your current organization can help you in this process
  • Invite open feedback from colleagues so you can adjust your behavior accordingly and elevate your career
  • Reflect on and note down your accomplishments each year and ensure they are shared at your reviews (or at interviews)
  • Get into the conversation: read industry publications, websites, share your view and position yourself in the industry as a valuable resource in the community
  • Raise your hand to do new projects that might develop you, give you more experience and raise your profile
  • Spend time maintaining your career – a few hours a week is a good investment in your career