GEMBA goes to London

During their third international module since commencing their MBA in September 2015, the Global Executive MBA students were brought right to the heart of the European financial hub in London this June. Making up part of the module in Macroeconomics and Financial Markets, the trip combined academic perspectives with practical insights from companies operating on the London arena.

“It makes great sense to place the Macroeconomics and Financial Markets module in London - right in the thick of things” says CBS E-MBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid, who is lead faculty on the international module and also travelled with the students.  “The module in London aims to give students insight into the highly complex macroeconomic and financial environment in which their organisation operates. Ultimately, we want students to understand changes in the financial market in the wake of the 2008 crisis, and be able to translate movements into action plans”.

The participants enjoyed sessions with faculty at Ashridge business school as well as visits to venture capitalists, banks and not least the London Stock Exchange. "Combining theory with live sessions in companies and institutions representing financial markets broadly, both enhanced knowledge and added further perspectives to the understanding of financial markets and mechanisms” commented participant Dines Graakjær.” In addition, having this trip to London only one week before the "Brexit" referendum just added another layer to our economic and financial debate in the class. Great timing!"

Program Manager, Hanne Gert Munk adds, “Visiting other universities and getting under the skin of local companies and organisations add new, valuable perspectives to the learning experience. Furthermore, the international modules are also an excellent opportunity for the class to get to know each other better and understand how they can use each other academically and as sparring partners in their jobs. We hear time and time again from graduates that one of the most valuable aspects of the MBA experience is the network and the interaction with other individuals in their class. The modules abroad play a big role in cementing those relationships.”

The GEMBA class will travel to Uganda in November 2016, which will make up the fourth and final international module in their program. The class will graduate in June 2017.