MBA alumni help students achieve their job goals!

By Georgianna Carlson, Full-time MBA Student 2016

One of the biggest draw cards of the CBS MBA is the amount of support and guidance the students receive from the staff, as well as from the wide network of alumni. To help us back on our feet after a rigorous year of studies, Careers Manager, Nivedita Ramulu Eskesen, along with MBA Alumni Relations Manager, Michala Røder, joined forces to match each budding MBA candidate with the most appropriate mentor from the aforementioned array of MBA alumni. The match was made based on the student’s career objectives.

The CBS MBA Career Mentor Program is a fantastic opportunity for students that wish to stay in Denmark after graduation, as it is set up to support the job search, help with our long-term career planning and ultimately increase our chances of finding a job here. Having access to the extensive range of MBA Alumni in a wide variety of industries and roles gives us a unique insight, as the mentors can pass on their wisdom and knowledge about the Danish job market and job search process relative to their own role and industry.

“My mentor is awesome!” Aleksandra Himiceva happily exclaimed. She and her mentor, Mads Langberg (Operations Manager at Widex) have been working on Aleksandra’s CV and job applications together. “Mads always makes a lot of effort to help, he is readily available when I need advice and he is always willing to share his contacts with me”. The next steps for them will be to prepare and set up practice interviews. Mads Langberg continues “Aleksandra would like to transition into the pharmaceutical sector, where she has a desire to work with project management. We have worked on defining possible job roles and how to target them on the basis of her previous work experience. I have supported her by talking about my career progression and current role at Widex, relating my tasks and responsibilities to her situation and aspirations. Specifically, we have discussed networking and the job search process here in Denmark. I have introduced her to relevant people in my network where e.g. interviews have been a part of the process. This is my second time mentoring the students, and I really enjoy connecting with the MBA program. I find it very rewarding to help the students release their potential and help them find an exciting career path here in Copenhagen.”

Another satisfied mentee, Charles Burns, said his intention for joining the Career Mentoring Program was to build a deeper relationship with an alum who had taken a path similar to his own after completing the MBA, “Ideally I want to have a sparring partner who will give me a different angle on my current career goals, tell me things as they are and support me should the opportunity arise”. Charlie and his mentor Juan Martinez (Chief Consultant at Danske Bank) have had one meeting so far, which was largely focused on do's and don't of applying to jobs, as well as an informal phone conversation regarding a potential upcoming opportunity, “Both times, I've found it refreshing to get the perspective of someone in the industry and with real experience.”

My own experience with my mentor Helle Wagner (CEO of Modström) has been a delight - her refreshing, entrepreneurial spirit and energy is infectious and we enjoyed over two hours of getting to know each other on both a personal and professional level, at our first meeting at the Modström headquarters. Having a mentor who runs her own successful company is so inspiring to say the least, and knowing how busy her schedule is, she has already booked in our last three meetings to ensure I get the time I need from her. For that I’m grateful! And as far as paying it forward goes, I look forward to the day that I am able to take part in the Career Mentor Program as a mentor and share my own insights and knowledge to a promising MBA candidate. Because I personally know how valuable and helpful it truly is.

The Career Mentor Program is one of many initiatives the MBA Careers and Alumni team organises to help Full-time MBA students with their career goals. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a student that wishes to stay in Denmark, please contact our Alumni Relations Manager, Michala Røder on