New book: The Job of the CEO - a lifelong career guide


Waldemar Schmidt, former CEO of ISS and long-time patron of our MBA program recently released his book The job of the CEO – a lifelong career guide. Following on from his previous book From MBA to CEO, the new book is about planning your CEO career and how to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way. The aim of The job of the CEO is to inspire future, present and past CEOs during all stages of their careers.

With a long career as a CEO and a post-CEO career as an active board member, Waldemar still finds the time and energy to engage as an adjunct professor at CBS and is also an active book writer. We spoke to Waldemar about his book and impressive energy. 

Why did you write a book about the job of a CEO?

The short answer is that there is no such book in the market although there is an enormous interest in the subject. The inspiration came from my many conversations with young executives who aspire to become CEOs, with mid-career CEOs who want to progress their careers or have lost their jobs; and with mature CEOs who consider leaving their last CEO job to pursue a new career as boardmembers.

What are the key take-aways from your book for aspiring CEOs?

Whether you are a potential CEO, a present CEO or a mature CEO I seek to inspire all readers to find their own ways to a successful CEO career.

How have you planned and sustained your post-CEO career?

I decided to resign from my CEO job five year before the end of my contract because I thought that it would be right for the company and right for me. At my farewell reception, I said that it was my plan was to have a portfolio of board positions and other roles with a workload of 40 weeks per year and 40 hours per week. I was lucky to be offered many very really interesting roles and soon had a workload of 50x50! When I turned 70, I lost my positions from public companies. But they have been replaced by roles as chairman, boardmember, advisor and investor in privatetly ownned companies.

What makes you continue to engage with universities around the world?

I enjoy engaging with students at business schools for two reasons. I have some of the experience and knowledge that they are looking for and the interaction with ambitious, clever and hard-working young international people keeps me up-to-date.

You donate the royalties from your book to the Full-time MBA Program, why is that?

I have decided to donate royalties and speaker fees to a scholarship at CBS' international MBA program to help CBS attract top students and to help foreign students obtain a career enhancing degree. Ideally I would like to give preference to Brazilian students as my 10 years in this fantastic country has meant so much for me professionally and privately.

Where can we purchase the book?

The book can be purchased as an ebook ($9.99) or paper book ($15.00) on Amazon. All royalties go the CBS Scholarship Fund to support international MBA students that would otherwise not be able to attend an MBA at CBS: