Welcome to our new MBA Alumni Society Board 2016

Please join us in welcoming our new members of the MBA Alumni Society Board elected at the General Assembly 16 March 2016.

New and re-elected members:

  • Lasse Veng (EMBA 2015), Manager of Engineering (NEW)
  • Charlotte Fly Andersen (FTMBA 2005), VP of Sales & Marketing at Rosendahl

Sitting members (not on election):

  • Lani Pollworth Morwan (FTMBA 2011), Senior Communications Consultant at Agilent/Dako
  • Per Thomas Dahl (EMBA 2006), Vice President, Production at NCC Housing in Danmark
  • Mads Mortensen (EMBA 2015), VP Global Sales & Service at Analyse2
  • Greg Panell (FTMBA 2009), Business Development Manager at ZyXel
  • Claudia Mathiasen (EMBA 2008), Lawyer and Partner at Winsløw Law Firm

Auditors (re-elected):

  • Jacob Therkelsen (EMBA 2003), Partner and Head of M&A at Consilio Partners
  • Jens Søndergaard (EMBA 1998), SVP at J. Lauritzen

Auditor Substitute (re-elected):

  • Christian Emborg (EMBA 2002), CEO at DKT

We look forward to working with the new board, and together take on new and exciting challenges in the coming year.