How to balance work, family and an E-MBA

Louise Lerche-Gredal, CEO at Mediationsinstituttet and a mother of four, started her CBS Executive Certificate in General Management back in February 2014. 

"It wasn't my intention to do the full E-MBA degree - I had originally planned to follow the Executive Certificate path and stop after I'd completed the first certificate", says Louise in an interview with Finduddannelse, "but I was intrigued by the experience and decided to continue. It's been exciting and enlightening to learn alongside other leaders with completely different backgrounds and experiences."

As a mother of four, she is used to scheduling her days. And she stresses the importance of setting realistic goals and maximising the time spent studying.

"My best advice would be to prioritise classroom time and to listen and learn while you're there. It's important to participate - both physically and socially - to create a positive learning atmosphere."

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