Welcome to our EMBA class 2016!

On Thursday 25 February, 30 senior executives kicked off their exciting and challenging CBS Executive MBA journey. Each participant joins with more than eight years of managerial experience and they come from a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds. 30% of the participants are women.

As is tradition, one of our former MBA students, Mads Mortensen (EMBA 2015) joined the class during the introduction module to share his experience and best tips. Also a member of the MBA Alumni Society Board, Mads introduced the class to the benefits of the MBA alumni community:

“It was a pleasure and honor to again stand before one of the new MBA classes. I instantly revisited the feeling of sitting in that chair ready to embark on this fantastic and life changing journey. Despite being tired after their three days together, they seemed eager and highly motivated to really kickstart the journey.  I’m confident that we in 2 years can post the proud picture of class 2016-18. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing them at some of the great events organized at CBS throughout the year”.

With an average of 16 years of work experience, there will be plenty of opportunity to gain from each other’s experience. When asked about her expectations for the learning experience ahead, student Jane Dahl said:

"I expect to gain an understanding of the mechanisms that influence an organisation's ability to perform and achieve great results," says participant Jane Dahl, "I am also very excited to be part of a high performance network where mutual inspiration, knowledge sharing and a bit of healthy competition will keep me motivated for continuous professional development!"

A warm welcome to the new class and our newest members of the MBA Alumni Society. Good luck on the journey ahead, we look forward to seeing you at alumni events in the near future.