Alumni Technology Firm Queue-it Expanding to U.S., Minneapolis

Queue-it, the Danish technology company founded by our two alumni Niels Henrik Sodemann (Executive MBA 2003) and Martin Pronk (Executive MBA 2009), will open a North American office in Minneapolis in June with another alum Phil Hanson (Full-time MBA 2015) in the lead.

Queue-it is the provider of a virtual waiting room system primarily used for handling major ticket onsales by ticketing software companies, venues and performing arts centers, as well as online retailers managing online product launches, limited collection releases, and major sales like Black Friday.

With roughly one-third of their business in North America and the massive market of online retailers and entertainment ticketing happening there, Queue-it has seen accelerated growth in the U.S. relative to other global markets where they are delivering their product. The sheer size of the country and the amount of digital business being done by Americans make the expansion an obvious move to continue to support the growth of the company.

“Along our growth journey, the U.S. has become a critical market, both in terms of servicing our current customer base and also playing a key role in getting closer to new customers there,” said MBA alum and CEO Niels Henrik Sodemann. “We have taken great pride in our ability to deliver to our customers in the U.S., and this expansion should demonstrate our dedication to making their major online events continue to be successes.”

The North America office will be led by Queue-it’s current Vice President of Marketing, Phil Hanson, who is a Minnesota native. That is not the only reason they have selected Minnesota as an opportunity market within the U.S:

“We have found the Minneapolis area to be the optimal location due to its educated IT workforce and presence of key leading U.S. retailers. We also have a few Danish tech peers who have found success operating out Minneapolis, and we trust it will be an excellent fit in terms of culture and talent,” said Hanson. “When looking at the U.S. broadly, many Danes would dream of Silicon Valley or New York City, but when you do the analysis, you see quickly that they are quite costprohibitive markets if they do not serve a central purpose to your business operation.”

The company plans to begin building local teams to support their customer-facing departments to expand the businesses hours of operation for customer service and sales efforts. 

To know more about Queue-it, visit their website here.