In the work room with Pernille Erenbjerg, CEO of TDC

‘The leader today doesn’t know everything’ and with that statement we were off to a great start in CEO Pernille Erenbjerg’s presentation to our alumni. With a humorous reference to her love for numbers as a previous CFO, Pernille talked about her leadership approach to understanding and measuring success.  ‘What you measure is what you get’, she said, and the shift from measuring number of subscribers to using qualitative data to understand the long-term value of a customer has changed the strategic approach in the executive management team.

Co-creation is the new black

Seeking inspiration in Silicon Valley and in similar industries, TDC tries to be on the forefront of new organizational methods to achieve outstanding performance and results from the organization. Co-creation amongst colleagues is the leading principle that will allow TDC to be innovative and cutting-edge, and employees are encouraged to ask themselves ‘will the customer benefit from this’.

The magnitude of disruption

Pinpointing some of the major challenges in the telco industry, Pernille gave an honest account of how TDC battles with what Pernille called ‘the magnitude of disruption in the industry’. With dramatic shifts in the value chain and changing consumer behavior such as loyalty to the hardware instead of the data provider, TDC has changed how they prioritize investments. Long-term planning takes a backseat, and more action-based short term planning determines investments and prioritizations in the company. Traditional KPI driven performance and annual reviews are replaced with bi-monthly check-ins to make sure employees focus on the right tasks. Values such as ‘be obsessed about the customer experience’ drives company culture.

The questions for Pernille kept coming and alumni were highly engaged in understanding and challenging TDCs strategy. With a great sense of humor and natural ease, Pernille delivered a highly interesting and outstanding event.