Alum Jesper Brandgaard, CFO Novo Nordisk visits his alma mater

After more than two years in the making, the room was filled with alumni eagerly waiting for the event with Novo Nordisk's CFO, Jesper Brandgaard to kick off. Jesper took us through the journey of his career emphasizing the importance of a global education and understanding other cultures to succeed in an organization like Novo Nordisk, who has a presence in over 170 countries.

A proud member of the first batch of E-MBA alumni from CBS he acknowledges that the value of an MBA education is to get a unique perspective on business. He constantly visits the "toolbox" he gained in his MBA to question everyday decisions:
"Is this decision based on a solid rationale?" "Can you illustrate it in a business case?"

Jesper believes that "If you spend time together with talented people, you will become better". He truly permeates this philosophy to his organization and has structured this into core beliefs: Hiring the best, mentorship and coaching, and giving feedback continuously.

Using impatience as one of his driving forces, Jesper continuously pushes Novo Nordisk towards simplicity and efficiency. There is a constant focus on sharpening the business model and value chain.

"Be accessible when things are bad and when things are good", he said, addressing the challenges Novo Nordisk is facing with clarity and honesty, making it clear why Novo Nordisk has been awarded the Grand Prix for best overall investor relations.

Overall, his talk surely inspired the attendees to be pleasantly impatient and never stop developing themselves.