San Francisco alumni bond over shared MBA experience

At the heart of many alumni is the possibility to stay connected to CBS and engage in the large community of MBA graduates. For our overseas alumni it is slightly more challenging to join our monthly events in Copenhagen, so this January we invited American and international alumni in San Francisco to gather for an evening of cocktails and tapas at the gorgeous rooftop bar at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco, California. Six alumni across the 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2016 Full-time MBA classes quickly bonded and reminisced over their experience from studying and living in Copenhagen. With a mix of international and American alumni who had all ended up in California, there were interesting career paths and perspectives shared on post-MBA life.

The event host, Matthew Harland from the Full-time MBA 2016 class and current Admissions Manager for the Full-time MBA Program, was suprised over the immediate bonding across classes,

"As a recent alum, I was honoured with the opportunity to organise and meet fellow alumni in San Francisco. From my fresh perspective as an alum and wearing both hats as a CBS representative, it was clear how well the alumni connected with each other at ease. Matt continues "as we listened to each other reminisce about their stories, it was obvious that we all shared a positive life journey during our time at CBS. I'll look forward to the next opportunity to connect with alumni, make a few more friends and continue to reflect as my own alumni experience matures".

Murtaza Kapadia, Director at Enterey Lifesciences Consulting from the 2009 class, remarked, “it's great how well we connected over our shared experience at CBS from different classes".

Alexandre Weiser from the Full-time MBA Class of 2009 who has moved his family from Paris to LA to work as a General Manager for Voice of Script International added, “Attending the MBA alumni event in San Francisco has been a treat to myself. So nice to catching up with classmates and to meet other people with whom I shared something strong and connected instantly. For those like me who left Denmark after the MBA it is really nice to feel that I’ll now be able to benefit from the CBS MBA network. Some of the discussions were great reminders that we should hit pause to step back once in a while and re-think together from more of an academic approach. Thanks so much to the CBS MBA Alumni Society for making this special moment possible. I strongly encourage you to reiterate in many other places and for everyone to attend." .

The evening continued into the night with ideas for continued engagement and collaborations being discussed and fun memories shared.

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