Free download of book 20-24 January 2017 only: The Job of the CEO – A Lifelong Career Guide

Our long-time ambassador and friend of the MBA Programs at CBS, Waldemar Schmidt (former CEO of ISS), has written several books about managing your career and becoming a CEO. In his latest book, THE JOB OF THE CEO - A LIFELONG CAREER GUIDE, he shares his experience from managing the global corporation, ISS.

Engaging and giving back to business schools has always been at the heart of Waldemar’s interests. He has lectured across the globe to share his insights, and he has learned that there is an enormous interest in acquiring practical knowledge about the CEO role. “I am delighted that there is interest in understanding the CEO role and I am therefore offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of my book from Amazon  from 20-24 January 2017”, says Waldemar.

The hope is that the book will inspire you to find your own way to a long and successful CEO career. Feel free to tell your friends, colleagues and your network about the free book.

Supporting MBA Scholarship

The other purpose with the book is to generate royalty income (about $5.00/book sold) for a scholarship for International MBA students at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

By also acquiring a hard copy for $15.00, you can keep the hard copy with your notes by your side throughout your entire career. You will not only help yourself and your career; you will make an important contribution of $5.00 to the Waldemar Schmidt CBS MBA Scholarship.

Download free copy from 20th to 24th January 2017 here


Wishing you a long and successful career!

Waldemar Schmidt
20 January 2017